EUKRA Company creates dwelling for you, because realization your dreams is our mission.
Our team creates dwellings for your family, taking into account individual preferences of each member.
We stick to the standards and have the possibility to deal only with reliable suppliers and producers of raw materials, which guarantees the use of high quality materials.
EUKRA performs reconstruction works of old buildings, cottages, apartments and offices as well as construction of new objects on a professional level.
Your dreams – our realization

Our achievements

Our long years of productive work include:

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The EUKRA company was established in 2002 by a talented craftsman Vladimir Andrushko. Initially, the artist built fireplaces, creatively decorated them with stones and tiles. Later he became interested in repair work all around the interior, having mastered such specialties as a painter, plasterer, tiler, decorator, bricklayer. Vladimir always considered himself an artist, so every home is not only filled with quality work, but also the ease and sincerity. Thanks to the rich experience and vision, he could happily advise clients which color scheme is better for repair and what materials to use.

Honesty and professionalism led more and more customers to Vladimir, and he thought about partnership. "But what could be better for the family row - thought Vladimir - where everyone is part of one whole and operates for a fruitful outcome?" So, the son Yuriy joined his father. With doubled dedication, men continued to earn a solid reputation as specialists.

In 2015, masters confidently occupied a niche for reconstruction of houses. For two years the family has made a "turnkey" of 3 homes. The success they owe to the foundation of the family - wife and mother Oksana that supports and inspires, promotes and develops a solid family business.

Real men possess the sense of restlessness and rapid movement forward, so in 2017 the EUKRA company successfully started a development of new buildings. With the knowledge of his craft, Volodymyr Andrushko has hired qualified professionals in the construction and repair, signed contracts with licensed suppliers and manufacturers.

When the head of the family business was asked about the secret of his success, Vladimir said: "harmony in the family, a single aim - to be helpful and meet customer expectations, trust within the family, the confidence of customers, partners trust - is the basis of our achievements."


Our long years of productive work include:

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